BILAME - korketrekker krom (orginalen)

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Tire-Bouchon Bilame, det historiske profesjonelle verktøyet til L'Atelier du Vin siden 1949 (patentets dato), trekker lett ut korkene intakte, selv de som er gamle og skjøre. Korken blir ikke gjennomboret, og smuldrer derfor ikke. Bilame kan også brukes til å sette korken tilbake i den åpne flasken. Legenden sier at Bilame var veldig populær blant noen servitørene når den kom, som brukte den til å "stjele" noen centiliter fra flaskene, for deretter å fylle dem med vann og sette på korken igjen uten å etterlate spor av "innbrudd".
Designet og produsert i Frankrike.

Finish: krom belagt stål



The Twin-blade: an atypical corkscrew with a history



The idea: “pull” the cork from the bottle without piercing it.

How? By inserting 2 “spring steel” blades attached to a handle between the cork and the bottle’s neck, then pulling and turning the blades and the cork together, removing the cork without damaging it.


The Twin-blade easily removes corks in the wine, even old and fragile ones. The cork is not pierced, and thus does not crumble. The Twin-blade can also be used to re-cork an opened bottle. According to legend, the Twin-blade was very popular with waiters, who used it to serve themselves a small helping from bottles, then re-cork them, leaving no trace of the break-in.




The device was first patented by Charles Pégé in 1887!
L’Atelier du Vin (the Sanbri Company) filed patents for “improvements on a bladed corkscrew” on 13 May 1949 and 6 April 1954.


Made in France by the hundreds of thousands, the Twin-blade by L’Atelier du Vin is a tool prized by wine enthusiasts and others wishing to learn the art of “pulling” a cork without puncturing it with a corkscrew bit.



L’Atelier du Vin has been creating exclusive wine tools since 1926.
Our family business has now become the oenology specialist, from cellar to table.
Our in house design studio and workshop design and produce new products for our catalogue as well as for special orders.


Our inspiration

- Winemakers
The work of the winemakers we work with on a regular basis is our primary source of inspiration. Sharing the zest for life – and the hardships of the profession – of the men and women cultivating the vine both fascinates and guides us.

- Wine: a lifestyle
With our offering we wish to participate in the contemporary pleasurable ritual of wine conservation, preparation and service. That of the knowledgeable discovery of good wines.